Created By William Alevizon.

This page provides visitors with information about my academic background as well as my reasons for creating “Coral Reef Facts and Information“.


Why I Built This Web Site

I created this web site with the hope of providing visitors a concise, science-based overview of the main aspects of the structure, ecology, and marine life of coral reef ecosystems. My goal was to create an information source written for a general (i.e., non-scientist) readership.

I continue to review and update the material presented here at regular intervals to keep it current with the latest scientific findings.

William Alevizon, Ph.D., (Updated) November 2013



I am a Professor of Marine Biology (retired) whose lifetime research focused upon the ecology of reef fishes and the ecosystems they inhabit.

I received an M.A. and Ph.D. degree in Biological Sciences from the University of California (Santa Barbara). Afer graduation, I relocated to Florida where I began research on Caribbean coral reef ecosystems.

I have authored or co-authored numerous scientific papers, technical reports, and several popular books on coral reefs and marine life.

I have also served on the faculties of a number of academic institutions, where I taught undergraduate and graduate courses in biological sciences with a focus on marine biology. Schools at which I have taught include the Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne), the University of California at Berkeley, and the College of Charleston (South Carolina).

Along with teaching and basic research I have also been engaged as a consultant for numerous projects on artificial reefs, coral reef fisheries, and Marine Protected Area (MPA) planning efforts. I conducted these efforts in The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Malaysia. I am also a retired (inactive) SCUBA Instructor (NAUI).