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Coral Reef Facts

Coral reefs are rocky mounds and/or ridges formed in the sea by living things through the accumulation and deposition of limestone (calcium carbonate).

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These undersea palaces are home to more species of fishes, corals, and many other type of marine life than any other ocean habitat.

Coral reefs also provide many valuable services to humans. Food, shoreline protection, and medicines are just a few of these benefits. These are also the best places to visit if you want to experience marine life - up close and personal.

What Coral Reef Facts Can I Learn Here?

Our "coral reef facts" website is organized around three main topics:

1. Coral Reef Structure

This section explores the formation and structure of coral reefs, answering such questions as:

2. Coral Reef Distribution

Here we explore the factors that determine the global distribution of coral reefs, and individually examine each of the three great regions of coral reef development.

3. Marine Life

This section provides basic information about the composition of the coral reef biome; the main kinds of living things that make up the coral reef community, including:

Explore Coral Reefs With Us

Coral reefs are experiencing a rapid decline in ecosystem health in most locations in which they once thrived. Much of this problem is the direct or indirect result of human activities.

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We all need to better understand the nature and importance of these vital marine resources if we are to act to prevent further decline and assist in coral reef recovery efforts.

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