How Dubai Plans to Engage in Coral Reefs Restoration

How Dubai Plans to Engage in Coral Reefs Restoration & How

Not so many people are aware that coral reefs are in great danger nowadays. Some people only think of them as fascinating marine ecosystems that look breathtaking. However, a few individuals know what role they play in our lives. Dubai marine specialists, investors, and scientists are not only aware of their significance but also move by leaps and bounce to help save them.

One of the biggest projects Dubai intends to realize is the creation of a living lab the objectives of which will be focused on the restoration of the marine ecosystem. Moreover, its goal is also to promote and develop ecotourism. Sooner rather than later everybody will be able to come here to see Dubai Reefs and explore a high-end eco-destination.

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How Dubai Plans to Engage in Coral Reefs Restoration
How Dubai Plans to Engage in Coral Reefs Restoration

Why is it so important to engage in coral reef restoration? 

Everybody talks about the significance of coral reef restoration, but many people are not aware of what role corals play in our lives and in the lives of places where we live. Take for instance Dubai. It’s not only about scientific discoveries that interest Dubai marine experts and investors.

Dubai is a coastal city. As we know, coral reefs play an essential part in protecting coasts. Climate change is not a joke. By the end of this century, sea level will skyrocket as high as 2 meters. If nothing changes, two centuries from now, their level will increase by 5 meters. Every city that is near the sea or ocean is in great danger. Without a change, they will all disappear sooner or later. That’s why Dubai is not only about all the luxury in the world and sports car rentals but also about saving the city from oblivion.

Coastal protection is only the smallest part of what coral reefs do. They also do the following:

  • They are home to numerous marine creatures. Marine species live in coral reefs, use them as their shelter, and also find their food there;
  • Many underwater species find coral reefs as the most peaceful place to breed;
  • They are a source of income for lots of communities.

Not to sound too dramatic, however, in the long run, many countries and economies will face unprecedented challenges if they do not take care of coral reef restoration. That’s why Dubai, in this regard, is also a game-changer that raises awareness among billions of people in the world.

Dubai’s commitment to coral reefs restoration

The project of building a floating living lab will not only be a place for marine scientists to make crucial changes and discoveries. It’ll be a place where residential and hospitality complexes will be built. There will also be retail stores and educational and research facilities. Numerous scientists plan to engage in creating an artificial reef that will become an opponent to climate change factors.

Tourists who are fond of ecotourism can come here and take pleasure in staying in eco-lodges. The plan is that they will be powered by renewable energy. The more energy this lab will produce, the cleaner energy will be used for the city’s growing population.


Dubai soon expects to present a project that will become a life changer for many communities. Dubai Reefs will be a place where numerous marine experts and scientists will work together on the creation of an artificial reef. The goals that will be achieved by this floating living lab will contribute to coral reef restoration, promotion of ecotourism, and renewable energy production.


School Of Fish On A Coral Reef
School Of Fish On A Coral Reef
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